San Galgano Abbey stands as a silent witness to a love story that rises, free and grand, like its open-air walls. In this corner of earthly paradise, Stefano and Mariana intertwined their hearts in a civil wedding as unique and special as their story, an event we immortalized with the delicacy and poetry that only September light can paint.

An Immortalized Union Between Ancient Stones and Scent of History

That day at San Galgano, the air was imbued with a warmth that went beyond temperature: an emotional warmth, vibrant with shared promises and dreams. The ceremony, shrouded in the abbey’s majestic simplicity, saw Stephen and Mariana as the protagonists of an exchange of vows as authentic as their surroundings. And as if every stone, every ray of sunshine filtered through the roofless arches, had been there to celebrate their union.

Their party, a celebration of joy and complicity, came to life in our photographs as a visual narrative of their happiness. From the gentle touch of a hand, to the smiles exchanged in shared laughter, we captured the essence of their love in images that speak of intimacy, joy and an unbreakable bond.

With Stefano and Mariana, we shared not only a wedding, but an unforgettable experience, where every detail was taken care of and every moment turned into an eternal memory. Our lens chronicled not just a day, but captured the enchantment of a life that begins together, in the place where history and romance dance together under the Tuscan sky.

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