In a city where every stone tells an ancient love story, Olya and Makis wove their romantic narrative. Florence, with its architectural wonders and Renaissance spirit, was both witness and canvas of their eternal love oath, immortalized with delicacy and passion through my lens.

Light and Shadow: The Love Game in Images

Through the lens of our camera, we chronicled the magic of Florence, the perfect setting for Olya and Makis’ union. Our goal was to capture not just an event, but a living chapter in their love story, woven through the streets of a city that breathes art and history.

The emotional religious ceremony and the stolen moments between the embraces of this Greek couple were magnified by the glorious backdrop of Santa Maria del Fiore, testifying that in a city so charged with beauty, every shot becomes a work of art.

These images, more than photographs, are open doors to a love that was celebrated under the auspices of Michelangelo and Dante. Every laugh, every look, every delicate touch became an immortal memory, a fragment of eternity sealed by our photographic passion.

With Olya and Makis, Florence has gained new lovers, and its streets and squares a new romantic chapter, written in the light of day and the stillness of night. This portfolio is an invitation to lose yourself in a love story that, like the works of the great masters, will remain timeless.

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